Your Future, You Decide

You may have noticed that I don’t write very many blog length pieces and there is a very good reason for that…I don’t feel the need to as there are so many others who are much more talented in that field than I am. I read; the Wee Ginger Dug, Wings over Scotland, Peter A Bell, Barrhead Boy, Grousebeater, Jeggit, as well as YSF’s own G-man to name but a few.

Now the question you should be asking at this point is…but Martin do you agree with everything that they say and/or how they choose to express themselves? The answer to that is NO I don’t and nor should I. The Scottish Independence movement is about thoughtful individual consideration. We are not a group of mindless automatons singing from the same hymn sheet and nor should we ever be. The moment where we become a flock of loyal sheep following a shepherd (or shepherds) is the point where we have lost the understanding of that which we have been striving to change.

Many of Scotland’s problems have, in recent decades, been compounded by the mindless following of the so called ‘Scottish’ Labour Party. Like so many other voters in Scotland I, for many many years, blindly voted for this party without ever holding them accountable. They were, after all, the party with Scotland’s interests at heart…they had told me this much!! Of course when examined in detail this was patently untrue, Scotland had simply been won over by spin and propaganda. 

It is a trap which I refuse to ever fall into again. After the 2014 IndyRef I promised myself that NEVER again could any political party (or individual) be assured of my vote. I will cast my democratic vote in every political election from now until my death based on the FACTS and my opinion. You want my vote? Then you’re going to have to earn it!! I hope that every Scottish voter will take a similar stance.

YSF isn’t here to tell you what to think or who or what to vote for. ABSOLUTELY NOT!! Our remit is to promote an independent Scotland and the best interests of its peoples by encouraging you to think for yourself. Because that is what Scotland needs: Thinkers!

So Yes Scotland’s Future will continue to do what we have always done…supply you with information and opinion. It is up to you to analyse what we publish and reach your own conclusions. That is what we believe is best for Scotland, it’s people, and it’s future. 

Three little letters

If you think about it for just a minute you’ll be amazed at the things that an iScotland could choose to do (or not do). It’s all about having the power to decide for ourselves what we want and what we don’t want.  Who could possibly make better decisions for Scotland than the people who live there themselves.

Three little letters will give Scotland access to all its resources and control over all its responsibilities. Nobody is saying it will be easy, it will take lots of hard work and some sacrifice, but ask yourself this…

Will it be worth it… Y E S

Dissolve The Union

I agree with Tim Montgomerie on this point- there is no way back from the devastation caused to the UK by Brexit. The UK is now a global laughing stock and will NEVER recover its status, nor should it. The only prudent course of action is for the union to be dissolved and for its component countries to start afresh.

If the UK was a much loved pet then surely, no matter how much you loved it, you would be merciful and put an end to it’s tortured existence as painlessly as possible. Let’s all agree that Westminster has failed and now move forward with hope and determination.

Indy Media Needs You

ProScottish Independence media relies on your support to communicate its message effectively. It is your engagement by liking, commenting and sharing YSF posts that spreads our message to a wider audience.

Remember to check in regularly with your Yes pages/groups at source and not simply wait for them to ‘perhaps’ appear in your social media (FB/Twitter/Instagram/MeWe) feeds. Likewise with other free media such as The Orkney News, Wee Ginger Dug, Independence Live etc take a proactive approach not a reactive one.

Across the Yes community it is a constant complaint that we do not have as broad a media reach as the unionist viewpoint and that is true. However if we want an effective media we must consistently support, develop and grow what we do have. And don’t think that you as an individual don’t have a role to play, we all do. I have no background or training in; social media, journalism, advertising or any sort of artwork so if I can do it SO CAN YOU
– Martin

BLiS ain’t bliss

We have sensed a few grumbles about YSF’s stance against BLiS (British Labour in Scotland) and their current troubles. Why aren’t you attacking the Tories we heard. But we do frequently post information which reveals the Tories as self serving career politicians who are wreaking havoc with Brexit in an attempt to line their own pockets or those of their friends and families by creating a tax free environment for corporate greed.

So should we lay off Labour? Well no quite frankly because as we say in Scotland they are two cheeks of the same *rse as we know by the way they shared platforms and street stalls during Indyref 2014 with the Tories ( and in Aberdeen the National Front)

They have now stated categorically that they will refuse a referendum for Scotland Independence as part of their manifesto should they get elected. ‘Should they get elected’ is the crucial part. They are going to throw all sorts of lies at the electorate in Scotland if there is a snap General Election. They will wheel out ‘Project Fear’ with a vengenge the same way they chapped doors and lied to pensioners in 2014 that their pensions were at risk if they voted for independence and told us that we would ‘lose EU membership’ if we voted for independence.

One by one all of their arguments have been proven to be false and baseless. All they have left is fear and the persistent ‘drip, drip, drip’ of media bias orchestrated in part from the pretty bottomless budget of ‘Mundell’s Mansions’.

So we do not apologise for our focus on both sets of Tories, Red or Blue. The hype surrounding Corbyn is just that, hype. No amount of ‘vote for us’ and we will save Scotland will work.

Labour is lost in Scotland but they still control the media and together with the Conservatives they constantly try to put Scotland back to sleep. Sleep is the state which Labour maintained Scotland in as it returned many MP’s for decades but did nothing to improve the lives of those communities in the central belt and elsewhere.

So we remember this history and our goal is to constantly remind people that these Unionist parties are substantially the same. Only as an independent country can we have the luxury of ‘reseting’ politics and then and only then can we build trust in a Scottish Labour Party as one of many parties in a parliamentary democracy.

Until then they will always serve to rubbish and dismiss anything positive about Scotland.It seems that is all they have to contribute to life in Scotland by working towards achieving SNP bad headlines like this (Thanks to Mick McHale for the mock Sun cover). G

Every Vote Matters

There is no doubt that it is vital that we convince those who voted No in 2014 to make the journey to Yes for #ScotRef . However we must also remember that there is a large number of individuals who didn’t use their democratic vote in 2014. It is equally important that we encourage them on the journey not only to Yes but also to the ballot box. 

Everyone’s vote matters

Everyone’s vote counts

Everyone’s vote can make a difference 

It’s your voice, use it!

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