Access to Yes Scotlands Future -how to still take us with you if Facebook fails.

Recently there has been a great deal of disruption to Facebook pages.Reports are coming in saying that these are related to changes to programming on Facebook on a worldwide level. The other day this had the effect of posts being blocked as spam posts seconds after being posted and people having to ask for them to be reinstated.

In the event of this happening again or for a more prolonged period we would like to remind page followers  that we also have a web site. If the problems with Facebook persist over time we will move all our online activity to that website.

If you have an android or an iPhone mobile phone you can still take Yes Scotlands Future with you anywhere by following the instructions below.

Thanks for your continued support Team Yes Scotlands Future

  1. If you have an IOS device follow these instructions to get our web icon on your home screen.


2.  If you have an Android smart phone follow these instructions to get our     web icon on your home screen.



 Tap top right of screen to bring up this second screen.  


Team YSF



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