Let it Go

The days of the Great British empire are long since over and we should feel no sadness as it’s emaciated body draws its final wracking breaths. History will in time view its reign with disdain as it lists the many many wars and brutalities which GB has been responsible for (& party to) in its strive for power & wealth for an elite privileged few. It’s time to let it pass and bury it in an unmarked grave.

For Scotland it is a time to look toward the future and to aspire to being something better. We will, undoubtedly, make mistakes along the way but if we place decency & humanity at the heart of our new democracy then surely we can be assured of a better quality of life for our children and the future peoples of Scotland. Some would dismiss this notion as fantastical or utopian but here are three positives which will only mark the beginning of a truly iScotland;

1. No nuclear weapons sited in our country. This will also save us an 8% share of the £205bn trident renewal cost.

2. NHS Scotland will be safeguarded for future generations. No privatisation, proper investment & development, and   the continuation of its founding principle of free healthcare for all at the point of access.

3. An immediate and immutable ban on fracking anywhere in Scotland. Helping to save and preserve the beauty and environment of our country for future generations.

Now is the time to move forward together as a nation and build a better country, one of which we can be truly proud. Let this be our legacy, our gift to the future.


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