Arise Scotland

Enough now of this childish Westminster madness. This is the time for Scotland to step boldly forth, from the ashes of the British empire, and take its place as an independent and forward thinking nation upon the world stage. No one is saying that it will be easy or that we won’t make mistakes but it will be our decisions moulding a future for Scotland and all her peoples. 

Scotland is a welcoming land where many have chosen to make their home. I hope that many more will join us in the years ahead to help forge a better stronger country. Come away in, the kettle is on!

Friends Not Masters

It’s an often quoted myth that the Scots hate the English and vice versa but for most individuals that couldn’t be further from the truth. There may be competitive rivalry between the two nations in, for example, sporting matters but it is (for the most part) a good natured  affair. Like a friendship we would not wish ill of the other.

Politically however this is not the case within the UK as there does not exist the natural balance of a friendship, where both parties are equals and they have a mutual respect. Imagine if you will two friends going into a bar for a drink? Before ordering they will discuss what each wants so that each is happy with what they receive. Not so with the political union of the UK where Scotland will almost inevitably be subject to the will of the English MPs in any matter arising. This is of course because the Westminster parliament works on a system of representation based on percentage population of the countries within the union. On the face of it this seems fair and democratic but is it?

Meanwhile back at the bar I arrive with nine friends for a drink. My friends all drink Bitter but I like a pint of Heavy? Now, normally this wouldn’t be a problem except that under the ‘rules’ of our friendship it is the majority who choose what everyone gets to drink. So nine votes for Bitter and one for Guinness results in everyone drinking Bitter together (for every round). Another issue with this arrangement is that the bill is shared which again seems reasonable except that my friends all order food and snacks when I don’t require any or share in them. It is apparent that although my friends realise my unhappiness at the situation they are reluctant to change from the status quo as they are content always getting what they want and,truth be known, having me subsidise their expenses.

What seemed like a democratic arrangement in hindsight feels very unfair and is an ever increasing strain on our friendship. The sensible and mature solution is surely for me to simply remove myself from the arrangement before irreparable damage is done to our relationship. I will still socialise with the same people, and consider them my friends but now each of us will take responsibility for our own needs and budget/finance for this accordingly. This new arrangement will be much fairer, eradicating any resentment between us, and strengthening our friendship in the future. 

If we apply the same principles between Scotland, England and the rest of the UK, there is no reason why we cannot re-assess our relationships, adjust them accordingly and remain friends. No one is suggesting a split which is irreparable or destructive. We are simply looking to re-establish some equivalence and equality, beyond which our relationships can bloom because the resentments and frustrations of the imbalance no longer exists. We can rebuild a strong relationship with the rUK, without the dependency upon them. It can, and should be done. 

Yes for Everyone

I was giving some thought to the much bandied ‘For the Many Not the Few’ slogan that Labour has been using recently and much as I understand the sentiment behind it there does seem something rather unsettling about a political campaign which touts exclusion as a starting point.

Certainly for the independence campaign it should be highlighted that we are striving for an iScotland which will be ‘better’ for everyone and not simply for a select proportion. ‘Better’ in this context shouldn’t be perceived simply in financial terms but rather more on a life wide and lifelong experience. Surely a country which is socially just with its focus on welfare, in its many guises, would ultimately benefit everyone? Compare and contrast that vision against the agenda of greed and warfare followed by successive Westminster governments resulting in the disunity and inequality which we can now clearly see throughout the UK.

So let’s not focus on the many or upon the few, let’s build a new autonomous Scotland for everyone. A country in which we can all truly be proud and equal.

A Tale of Two Stupids

School playground politics and name calling. She said, he said and the media are all over it like a rash.Its useful distraction from having to convey some useful information to people and a convenient ploy to avoid too much attention to the detail of current reality. Real time preparations for a hard no deal Brexit are under way including arrangements for 3,500 troops to be at the governments disposal. We are basically heading for Marshall law and a scenario whereby medical supplies will be flown in like a country under blockade.

Both leaders are missing the point, they are supposed to stop people becoming poorer not throw us all off a cliff. Time for Scotland to act in its own best interests.You are welcome to join us when the time comes.


On the Buses

If there is a single lesson to be learned from the unmitigated shambles of Brexit it is perhaps this…

Dont place blind trust in politicians or political parties. Learn to question and to challenge. Think for yourself and don’t be a sheep. Ask yourself if what you are hearing/reading is a fact or merely a sound bite or indeed simply some writing on a bus!