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If Scotland was currently an independent nation there would be absolutely no desire whatsoever to join the UK. So given the treatment which our country has received under the governance of Westminster why should we consider for a moment remaining?

If Scotland and England were humans in a relationship where the former was lied to, ignored, overruled, robbed, abused & manipulated what advice would you offer? I’d suggest getting the hell out and going their own way. So if we wouldn’t recommend the relationship for one person why would we possibly consider it for 5.3 million of us!?


2 thoughts on “Relationship Advice”

  1. The biggest sign of madness is repeating the same thing and expecting a different outcome

  2. If this were a regular couple, the relationship would end in divorce. So why should we go to the trouble and expense of a referendum? If the outcome of a referendum is rigged AGAIN, in favour of staying tied to England, then all is lost for a very long time. The answer is UDI — other “colonies” have done it already with great success — especially Ian Smith and Rhodesia. Nobody has ever asked to rejoin and revert to English rule.

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