The Band is Back

Democracy is on the move marching to a tartan beat

With Saltires flying high once more on every Scottish street
Hearts are reignited and they’re dancing to a tune
For the pipes and drums are playing: “We’ll Be Independent Soon”.

They’ll be hanging out their tenements to watch the great parade
Some of you will walk down streets where, as children, you once played,
If you know an undecided, bring them in, give them a hand
For we’re all on the same journey to our Independent land.

You’ll get the wave, the nod, the wink, the smiles from passers-by
You’ll get the car horns beeping and drivers shouting Aye!
Some shoppers will give you dirty looks; some will even think they’re grand,
They’ll free money from their wallets while you march to free your land.

I hear you chant, I see you laugh, I’ve been there and it’s fun
And the road that you now travel is for your daughters and your sons
So grab your friends and neighbours, walk together side by side
Make them feel Independent and let them share your pride.

It’s a spectacle of colour where you get to meet new friends,
And I’m talking from experience, those friendships never end
They’re always there beside you, always there to lend a hand
They’re The Independence Movement and they just want back their land.

Bring those who fear a government that will send them from our shores
Call all our EU citizens let them know we’ve open doors
And that immigrants are welcome to march with us today,
Together we’ll go forward to our Independence Day.

Paul Colvin.© 2016

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