Selling Change


Question! How scared are you of change? How easily will you embrace it or what is likely to trigger your acceptance of change?

It is often the hidden factor in any campaign and one that is easily overlooked. As an analogy take any product which you regularly purchase and have for several year, you have therefore placed your faith and trust in that product. Now say that an alternative product comes along, what would it take to convince you to try that instead? What sales pitch would work on you as an individual? And how would a change of recipe/formula/quality of your trusted product factor into your decision?

Now apply those thoughts to someone other than yourself to whom you are trying to sell the merits of an iScotland over remaining under UK governance. One thing is for sure an aggressive/derogatory approach isn’t going to succeed.

Always remember that you are a salesperson for Yes and an ambassador for the future iScotland. Together we are team Scotland.

#Yes #AChangefortheBetter

– Martin

Yes- Change for the Better