Bin the Bomb

The following quote by Martin Amis seems to summarise completely the madness of the ‘logic’ of nuclear weapons

“What is the only provocation that could bring about the use of nuclear weapons? Nuclear weapons.

What is the priority target for nuclear weapons? Nuclear weapons.

What is the only established defense against nuclear weapons? Nuclear weapons.

How do we prevent the use of nuclear weapons? By threatening to use nuclear weapons.

And we can’t get rid of nuclear weapons, because of nuclear weapons. The intransigence, it seems, is a function of the weapons themselves.”

We cannot, perhaps, prevent Westminster from purchasing nuclear weapons but we can ensure that they are not sited on Scottish soil or in our waters. We can take the target from our childrens’ backs and remove the financial burden from their pockets. It can be done as easily as marking a cross in a box marked Yes!!


3 thoughts on “Bin the Bomb”

  1. I don’t even know why we have them. There will be NO winners if nations start launching these against each other. If the direct blast doesn’t get you, then the fallout and radiation poisoning will. We only have to look at the aftermath of the atomic bombs dropped on Japan, with only a fraction of the potential of a nuclear device. Then there is the devastation caused by Chernobyl and Fukushima … Start down the road of a nuclear war and its game over for planet earth.

  2. Martin, you say the only provocation that would bring about the use of nuclear weapons is nuclear weapons. Am sorry but if Trump or Netanyahu carries out the threat, and bombs the Palace of Assad in Damascus. and if they kill Assad as they plan to do. then that will be the start of WW3. Putin has already told them. if they bomb and kill Assad then it will be WW3. And i can assure you America , Israel, Westminster, and i don’t care who else they get to back them up they wont win.
    Putin has Turkey, China, Iran, Lebanon, Libya, Greece, India ,and Pakistan. to back him up.
    I hope it does come to a WW3 then America will be first to be hit. And statistics say 298,000 american’s will die. Israel will lose two thirds of their country within minutes the other third will die due to radiation. If May tries to help the West. One supersonic missile from Russia will wipe England and wales off the map.

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