Yes for Everyone

I was giving some thought to the much bandied ‘For the Many Not the Few’ slogan that Labour has been using recently and much as I understand the sentiment behind it there does seem something rather unsettling about a political campaign which touts exclusion as a starting point.

Certainly for the independence campaign it should be highlighted that we are striving for an iScotland which will be ‘better’ for everyone and not simply for a select proportion. ‘Better’ in this context shouldn’t be perceived simply in financial terms but rather more on a life wide and lifelong experience. Surely a country which is socially just with its focus on welfare, in its many guises, would ultimately benefit everyone? Compare and contrast that vision against the agenda of greed and warfare followed by successive Westminster governments resulting in the disunity and inequality which we can now clearly see throughout the UK.

So let’s not focus on the many or upon the few, let’s build a new autonomous Scotland for everyone. A country in which we can all truly be proud and equal.

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